The Major Course in Physics offers an English course, in which students can earn the credits required for gaining a degree by attending lectures given in English, for foreign students who cannot understand Japanese. Supervision on the subject of Research is also offered in English. This course is available for all foreign students and can be taken together with other lectures.

Category of SubjectsRequired CreditsSubjects
Common Fundamental Subjects in the graduate program1“Science in Japan” (1 credit)
Fundamental Subjects5To select a total of 5 credits out of “Science in Japan II” (1 credit), “General Material Physics” (1 credit), “Solid State Physics I” (1 credit), “Solid State Physics II” (1 credit), “Solid State Physics III” (1 credit) and so on.
Special Subjects12“Advanced Research in Physics I” (6 credit), “Advanced Research in Physics II” (6 credit)
Fundamental/Special Subjects11To select a total of 11 out of “Quantum mechanics I” (1 credit), “Quantum mechanics II” (1 credit), “Quantum mechanics III” (1 credit), “Electromagnetism I” (1 credit), “Electromagnetism II” (1 credit), “Electromagnetism” (1 credit), “Phase transition” (1 credit), “Phase transition II” (1 credit), “Introduction of X-ray physics” (1 credit), “Magnetism and spintronics” (1 credit), “Defect in semiconductor” (1 credit), “Solid and surface” (1 credit) and so on